Walhalla avaits

Got the idea earlier today then I did some skin testing, and one thing led to another.
So, after not saving for an hour the game crashed. And reloading made the game stutter.
So I decided to balance out the weird lighting by over-editing it.
Also spent an awfully long time trying to find that engine revving fx from the beginning of the film.

Amazing work.


It’s not showing up for me, Deviantart says it doesn’t exist.

I want to see this and I can’t :frowning:

That was probably my fault for changing the title in deviantart.
Just to be safe I reuploaded it to imgur.

Highlights on the skin seem over-flattened, makes them look kinda rubbery.

Ooohh awesome indeed. Like that you showed some love to the vanilla props. May I ask where you got that ground model from? I’m on the hunt for any decent ground model I can find.

Holy Moly !

Awesome, dude !

I found it originally here:

When did these (pasty white guys) become ragdolls?

They’re Exorade’s reskins of Ninja’s MGSV Red Army ports.

love it love it love it love it love it love it

This is some good shit.
Also thanks for spelling it with a W, nobody does it right

Because most nations spell it with a V.

Also amazing work as always. Loved the new MadMax, which is rare to say these days when they make a new sequel to old glory.
Really makes to want to rewatch it, but I’m waiting as long as I can so I can forget as much as possible, but this scene is impossible to forget either way.

Also love the Mercedes tanker.

That spelling led me to be expecting some ridiculous picture of Donald Trump trying to build a wall on a Garry’s Mod Server.
But this is cool.


holy fuck this is awesome great work