Walk cycles

Hello everyone,

since I’m making some animation to up my skills, I found a problem that I can’t solve.
Well you know when you open a valve’s model inside of the mdlviewer, if you go in the animation WALK or RUN, the ground is moving with a speed.
When I import my animation, the ground is static, it’s not moving. I tried to find some qc commands or something like that but didn’t figure it out.

Thanks in advance!

Make the model actually move from the origin in the animation then add LX LY to the sequence in the QC after you’re done


That should help.

Thanks to both of you! I’ll try it tonight.

yes, do not make the players walk in place. Animation movement is extracted during compile time as game zombie said by putting the extract command.

$animation a_run_pistolN "prawn_run_N" {
    walkframe 20 LX LY //this extracts the movement of the "prawn_run_N" animation smd
//from the root bone in the armature, in the X and Y axis.
// including LZ would cause the animation to not have any Z movement either, 
//but we want z movement or they player would look like they're just floating
//20 is just the frame we extract to. 
//you can combine these commands to have different extracts to different frames
    startloop 0 
    rotateto 0 //might have to fiddle with this

Thanks cerebrate. Now I’ve the ground moving but I’ve a small problem between the frame 68 and the 69(the last frame), anyone has an idea?

Whats the problem?

The animation makes something really weird (it’s not in 3ds max) when it goes to the last frame, the legs move in a different position

just do the walkframe, but only go to 68 rather than 69 might help.

Nevermind I fixed the problem^^, it was on my animation, now it works perfectly thanks a lot man!