Walk on water - Jesus Walk

Quick script as requested by zeraknight

Basically allows you to walk on water. Very simple script.

You can toggle it with walkOnWater 1/0 to turn it on/off. Only tested with bots, seems to work fine with it. Addon format of course, Extract WalkOnWater folder to addons.


Courtesy of cameleot



Update Log:
Added water effect when walking on the water - Thanks to Cowthing
Fix’d bug causing constant water effect being played

Known bugs:
Some dedicated servers don’t update the think hook fast enough, causing you to walk on the water rather bumpy. However this is no issue in single player.

Contact me via what ever, PM, email in download. Or bug report in here.

Excelent! Works great.

Sounds cool! Who wants to make a machinima! pm me!

sorry but… how do i bind it so i can turn it on/off without typeing it all in 0_o yes im very noob at gmod xD

In the console, type

bind <key> <walkonwater 1> (ON button)
bind <key> <walkonwater 0> (OFF button)

Without the <, >'s, obvio.

Also, this mod is BAMF.

it doesnt work for me. it just keep saying
bind <key> [command] : attach a command to a key
nvm i figured it out



Haha! this is such a nice blasphemy! I love it.

I’m jesus now.

And they told me that Jesus is a liar.

When you crouch jump then fall back down while still holding crouch, the water below you continuously ‘splashes’ It’s not a problem to me, but thought you should know.

It’s cool but it’s been made before.

Looks cool… gonna try it. By the way, on the binding… Wouldn’t be better to bind it with bindtoggle? So you have it on one key.

Please do share where it was released, I can’t find it.

:eng101: Now kids, Jesus didn’t actually stand on a floating invisible street sign, he obviously used traces under his feet to detect where he was, then called a move hook through God’s runtime.

Can I have an url to that thread, please.


I made a video about this, posting soon.

Here it is:

So that’s how he did it!
With LUA!

What a magnificent bastard!


Thats this thread you fool.

Thats this thread.

BTW, this is awesome :smiley:

Is this script clientside? If not, nicely done anyways. I might download.