Walk the Robot Walk (Trying to improve an old picture of mine)

Walk the Robot Walk


Old version

Comparison 2


What’d you do to the picture? Toy with the levels? It hardly looks like you’ve done anything compared to the old image.

The depth of field is terrible. I imagine it’s ingame because it’s so blocky, but I don’t think the ingame simple DOF has that much blur around subjects that are in focus – not even Gmod 9 does, I think.

Had to make the depth of field in Photoshop. This is an OLD picture. Some things are mistakes I made a long time ago. I can’t fix everything on it.

Maybe you should look at the comparison shot. (I didn’t know how to use SDoF back then.)

If you know how to make a picture better, why not remake it entirely instead of toss in more editing? Raising the contrast on an already shoddy picture does not improve it.

I did a lot more then just toy with the levels. (A lot more then what appears to be.)

I thought I’d give this old picture a revival, I thought it was worth showing.


Updated OP.

depth of field looks too strong, the combine looks a bit blurry but nice work

Thank you. :buddy:

The DoF is incredibly intense, I like the pop-up screen on the combine’s helmet though.

I believe he is holding that weapon wrongly.

Hey, you’re right…

Gonna have a bit of trouble pulling the trigger there…

By the way, I like that little HUD effect.