Walk toward the light


I have it saved, anything I should fix or add in?

Also, is there a way so when I take a screenshot in-game in Garrysmod, it doesn’t set the picture to jpeg? I would like to take .png screenshots for Gmod.

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I need some criticism! :confused:


Really can’t see anything besides the guy on the left. Also I don’t like how his fingers are sticking out when they should be around the grip. Other than not being able to see much I like it. :slight_smile:

Might add in a little cave. Like how when you die you see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Really not much to see here. The only thing you can see is the floor and it’s flat and kinda boring.
Nice idea, execution needs tuning. Add props, add texture, add atmosphere. A dead body, a floor and a guy with a gun isn’t enough.

This is obviously in-game footage of BF4.

Nope. Doesn’t contain pounds of motion blur and blinding effects in it.

I would call that light blinding.