Walk with mom scout



nice :slight_smile:


I am blown away at how you can make anti-aliasing by yourself.

I like this:smile:

Who the hell needs AA when you got beautiful editing?

I wish I had your eye for lighting, this is great.

1px smudge brush along the edges. It’s an ancient FP trick long forgotten since the age of widespread decent graphics.

It takes fucking forever to get right, but it does what it says on the box.

I love how you make the wood reflect light like that

The posing on the engineer is pretty poor.

It’s pretty good in my opinion. I’ve downloaded 2 TF2 Better Phys packs and TF2 ragdolls are still impossible to pose.

He’s leaning forward to check out her tits while she’s talking and not paying any attention. It’s an old trick we Texans use. :clint:

Good tits “talk engi”