Walker advancing.

At first it was a bonus-pic for my next big project, but it’s going slower than I thought… So it’s not a serious picture. Made it just for fun.


A bit too grey, but otherwise great!

How the fuck… Too fast!

Well, it’s war… and war is gray. Am I wrong?.. =)

But how did you do the lasers? Did you do them yourself or paste from somewhere?

He’s right, there’s not enough contrast between the background and characters; some DoF would have helped.

Did that by myself… well… using the tutorial. Here, if you are interested.

Ah… thanks, I will try this next time.

Ill check it out sometime.

For whatever reason I read ‘Walker Dancing’.

Cool picture.

I like this picture. Although there isn’t enough contrast between the characters and the background (where some depth-of-field would be welcome) it kind of works still - at the very least it shows they’re camouflage works. The lighting is nice.

Oh… Didn’t even thought about their camo fitting or not fitting… Thanks.

I personally think the contrast is fine ,with camo you’re not suppossed to stick out

Yeeeeah but this is a Garry’s Mod picture… you want to be able to see the subjects of the image clearly, which is where DoF comes in.

Uber and Chesty are right, I just thought that laserbeams and their light will stick the subjects out.

Cool, can you tell how you made the mech look all dirty and stuff? It looks pretty good.

It’s like that by default, no? I did nothing on it.

Mine is shiny silver, but it could just be my graphic card(its really crappy)


Duplicated soldier is duplicated.

Or either posed as same as possible as the other one.

Lazer m16’s? Nice pose.

They’re not M16s.