Walker's Roleplay Server

Hello everybody. I will be setting up my server very shortly, (It will be a uk rented server)
It will feature LightRP with SQL Lite (Thanks Ubermensch)
And It does have a few small edits like Civil Protection now Police officer, Overwatch now FBI (Maybe changing this to mayor, Not decided yet.

It will be using some of the good old maps like:
RP_Hometown Series
Ovis City

More when I can think of them, If you can remember the good old classic maps that were fun please tell me.

We will be using many models and addons, Heres a short list of the ones i have thought of using:
**Youtube Player 2.0 ( For cinema )
PC Mod
Food Final Pack (Using this because the snack stores get boring selling a melon all the time)
**There is probably more than this we can use, It’s all i can remember at the moment so please post if you have any good ones for RP.

Why are you using LightRP?
Because it’s alot simpler than DarkRP and there’s less shit.

When will the server be up?
It’s up, Are you blind?

:siren: Anyone who is after drug labs and gangster crap can leave the thread. This is for serious roleplay, Not DM or Robbery rubbish. :siren: 

Thanks and server will be up at some point today and tomorrow!, Discuss if you’re interested!

If it’s not up i’m fixing crap.


Yay, rp server. I’ll be there.

At the minute it’s turned into Hometown mania.

Want. When is it coming? I would really love to test it.

It’s on now. Although i need to round up some more people. 14 slots to fill ATM

Woop woop. Link please?

Link to what?

The server.

The Ip is in the OP. Anyways, Add me to steam and we can both play if you like.
My steam username is alex902602

Ok, I’m Stratofarius…
Empty server anyway. Joining.

Alright, I’ll come too.
This would be fun if anyone joined.

New server up, Better host.

Woah a new server that isn’t DarkRP ? Nice. Will join.

Damn, Why won’t ovis scripts work?

Hey , shadow your server is really cool , serious rping , epic

It’s the predecessor, LightRP (I’m pretty sure it’s the predecessor anyway). BUT that doesn’t mean I have anything wrong with it, just letting you know it’s more or less the same stuff from memory. Can still be implemented effectively for serious RP, I’ve done it on a great many occasions. Might swing past and check the server out one day, good luck, hope it’s going good.

I’m using GmodRP now.