Walking 4 Dead

I seem to be missing something here.

The handcuffs are invisible :eng101:

why is francis doing that

Its a parody of the walking dead.

Bad map choice, bad angle (seriously did you just whip out the camera tool and take a screenshot where you were standing), stupid idea and scenario, bad effects, simple DOF, just… everything really. I can’t even think of anything constructive to say.

What’s with the NSFW tag?

It’s actually all fits for The Walking Dead.

Yeah, don’t mind me, just sawing off my arm with a bonesaw bigger than my head.

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Actually, when I first saw The Walking Dead, I thought that character was meant to look like Francis.

oh god lol

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expected porn too

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everything in this picture is wrong. he was handcuffed, sideways, and was not relatively happy about sawing his own hand off

He hates his hands, just like everything else that exists.

I was expecting some kind of charity walk with a l4d theme.