Walking for a new Horizon (first scenebuild)

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Made on gm_flatgrass08
Old version: http://uppix.net/5/3/f/e6394e9a3a9468b403758a056aa93.jpg

Good job.

You could’ve added a little bit of buildings in the background, it just kinda ends so abruptly.

I wanted a big open space between the buildings. It refers to the horizon blabla

What stuff you used for the scenebuild? I mean from which games were the props or something(I’m guessing L4D and normal debris from HL2).

Looks pretty awesome.

All is from HL² and L4D. Except for the rifle and flask.


Wait, there’s a building on the left. I don’t know where it comes from but it’s part of a file which is named “facade_germany”. It must me some DoD/RnL stuff.

Sweet. Nice work as always.

TY. I’ve been kinda inspired by your picture. :wink:

That means a lot. Thanks, mate.

Looks nice man, good job bro.

Oh man there has been some awesome scenebuilds lately. Gonna have to get into these myself.

Well, I updated the picture!

That looks even better now. I did like the clear view, but the background of destroyed buildings makes me like this even more.

The pose on the hunter looks sort of odd.


Pretty awesome.

Reminds me of FO3, looks nice.

Why does everything post apocalyptic have to be brought back to a stand point of “looks like fallout 3” you know, it wasn’t the first game that brought in aspects of a apocalyptic world.

I agree, but it is probably one of the more ‘iconic’ games to feature a post apocalyptic theme. Probably one of the more memorable ones too.

You probably never played FO1 and FO2. :slight_smile: