Walking gman ragdoll

Well one of my early contraptions was a walking ragdoll, so i made a video telling you how to make it! hope you enjoy it :smiley: (and this is my 3rd gmod video)
Fixed the resolution!

My youtube name is Elliottslingsby

Nice :3: Music?

That video is awesome; creative idea too!

Lol I never knew you could do that

Haha, sweet.

Commented on it. :3:


also smart i would have never thought of doing that :downs:

That’s awesome man, I’m gonna try that.

Remind’s me of a train :smiley:

That’s SO Awesome.


How can you pose his arm and so while the body can still move forward?

Post this in contraptions as well. SO COOL. You pose the rest by using weld as well.

I put him on a bicycle, was fun!

great idea so kool.

Wow man, This is so fucking awesome! No body Though about that. me neither!
Best original idea I ever Seen!

when he was first walking I lol’d so hard he was like “OH MI GAWD RUN AWAY FROM THE SCARY MAN!” still creative idea I’m gonna go try it

I love it! Going to try it out now.

Very nice! I love it when people figure out things and share them with us. I’ll definitely be playing around with this idea in the future.


fucking awesome.

Could you please convert this into an FLV file and fost it for download somewhere for me so I can put it in my tutorials folder and watch it while in gmod?