Walking home after a long day...

i absolutely think it looks great, all in-game editing thanks to the sun beam effect :pcgaming:




rate and please leave a comment or two.

first one:
amazing, i can’t belive that is all ingame lighting holy shit

what’s with the spys arm? and whats he looking at. something important?
posing is brill, no faults i just want to find out whats with the spys arm, that kinda bugging me now :frowning:

that first pic ho shit… new wallpaper

Nice work. I always had trouble posing the TF2 models. It’s something about them and me that don’t agree.
Good light to.

They are awesome! But i dont like the hell-big sizes.

now that you mention it, yes the spy’s arm looks kind of awkward isn’t it?
i forgot to say that the soldier, pyro and spy were capturing a point, so they were sort of scanning their surroundings for enemies.
hope that covers your doubts

Pyro looks like he’s spychecking.