Walking in the rain, with cold and sadness.


I really appreciate for c&c or rate.
No bloom, just edit rain and umbrellas.
Last work before I will take week of examination. I’ll come back soon. =]

Me Gusta.

Beautiful scene and editing.

It’s great, some of the shadows have that rugged look to them especially on Zoey, the water has some spots where you can see the brush abruptly end and some of the editing (for example on Zoey’s forehead) looks weird. But otherwise it’s great.

What body model is that?

Zombie panic source model for body part.

Great, althought I don’t like the posing on the police guy. He looks wierd.

DANG, that looks like a painting! great job!

Not bad.

Is it just me or is that a man’s hand holding the umbrella?

Yes, he is, but he is holding in bind spot.

Wait my brightness is really low, the arm is coming from the lady or you saying there’s a dude on the right from the lady?

And it’s hard to hold an umbrella
in the cold november rain.

I see. I’m sorry that make you confuse.

no lol! the lady on the right, the big lady in the picture, her arm ( in the lower right corner ) looks like that of a man’s?

Oh my bad >.<
First, I will pose with default hand of zombie panic female model, but it looks creepy. I replace it with Zoey’s hand using inflator.

Man, this is brilliant, why do I feel the need to play Heavy Rain all of a sudden?

Its grate I like it!

Simply amazing… I’d like to give you a cake, but since it’s a lie…