Walking Near The Dead

I did this as a remake of a short I made about a year ago.
also story.
“As A lone survivor in shock from recent events begins to wonder in the streets of a old zombie infested town he now begins to sees what has become of the residence”

that sounds like a line out of Full Life Consequences

anyway I liked it a lot, it’s like showing the stories of the death of people, and I only understood that near the end, I was like “woah that sly bastard pulled it off”

Nice Job Man… Really nice job. You make A good music video :wink:

This was brilliant, good job scout.

It was well edited, but didn’t feel like anything new

The chair was new.

Hence remake.
But I could apply your statement to anything and everything thats made in garrys mod.

Actually I disagree

I have a question, is this in any way related to your upcoming machinima “CR”?


I kinda like it, but there is a big “but”, you used the Smoke effect to often and it didn’t matched a lot.

But the video is Okay.

meh was alright

Editing is pretty good but it was nothing new.

Where the fuck was shovel wife?

Oh fuck! i forgot to put her in!
Will shovel zombies suffice?

Epic win

Because walking around the streets unarmed in a zombie infested town is a good idea.

Might I ask why there’s a metrocop on fire and why you chose to make the main character a medic? That supposed to be ironic with all the dead people around?

I don’t like making dumbed down movies, well if i did then you would probably like it more and question it less.
I like to leave the plot up for people to deduct their own idea of why shits happening, I mean I showed how the combine forces/cop died due to zombies/fire.
But do i show how everyone became a zombie? now that take forever.
but if your so dumb in the head were you cant think up of a reason a guy would be on fire in a situation like this then wow…

But ill throw you a bone, he stood in a puddle of gasoline, he shot a gas line, he was in CAFE so maybe he was in the kitchen and a zombie attacked him and he missed.
Maybe he had a molotove cocktail and he fucked up.

You probably think the movie inception had a shitty ending

If you’re trying to tell me that this is not a dumbed down movie, I’d have to question your thought process. It’s a guy walking around an infested town, I’m not sure why you are even attempting a thought to this short film. By no doubt you made this based on visuals more than anything else. It’s not a matter to understand that I question the film under, it more so deals with why you chose the visuals that you did. Basicly Scout, I’m not asking for answers to the plot, I’m asking what was going through your head when you picked these scenes. If I had to guess, I would assume zombie Clichés had a lot to do with it. You apparently aren’t on the same page as me, though. You’re quick to criticise without thinking.

Again Scout, you’re getting defensive and you’re being manipulated into what Fumples and Faolco and Max were stuck in for the longest time. If they knew better they’d be laughing at you right now, Scout.

As for the movie, it was one of your best. The beginning with the guy sitting down was the most visually pleasing. I liked your use of faceposer but the movements wornt fast enough to look real and the fire projected no light. Basicly, the more animated things became the more of a Beaver Fusion Gmod video it looked. Above all, I liked it and I’m a huge fan of zombies.




I don’t understand either fumples…
He just… dosn’t…
Do you understand him? CAUSE I FUCKING DONT!
what faceposer!?
i didn’t use fucking faceposer once.
Fire has no light?
well to fucking bad! blame garry.
I mean are you that thick?
I mean start sad tune I can’t… start to cry is it possible… for someone to be… so retarded