walking npc's?

I was wondering if anyone has made a tool like the npc animation tool but for walking…so like if you shoot an npc with this they just randomly walk all over the place, untill you shoot them again, so they stop…

Tried this yet?

yeah…does not seem to work for me…but shows up in the menu…

There is a NPC walk tool in the pack and it should work, it’s compatible with the latest Gmod.

yeah but i tryed it…installed it the way they said to but it doesent work

well now it works…which is odd…but that is not really what i am looking for, basicly im looking for something that makes the npcs always walk around unless u stop them with the tool…iv seen so many videos with people walking in the background…so there must be something out there that does this

Most of those videos were made in HL2 maps or specially scripted maps that forced the citizens to wander.