Walking on walls?

I’m trying to make an addon that lets you walk on any surface by rotating you to line up with the surface below you but I have no idea how to rotate the players feet(that lets you walk on the surface below you) to allow you to walk anywhere, also is it possible to rotate the camera lock with it so you can always look straight down to see what you are standing on?

i guess you could use this, and then set the multipiler in the direction of the world by making a radius around the player, and then interpolate (https://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Global/Lerp) and see if the walls in that a radius, then set the gravity multiplier to that direction. honestly though, im not sure how much this will work. heres a good pic

honestly, i cant think of a way to modify the games gravity on players correctly without using modules.

This would only work for two directions tho right? Up/Down

Yea, thats what I was thinking. which is why I brought up modules :slight_smile:

This doesn’t use modules tho I’m pretty sure. https://www.gmodstore.com/scripts/view/3520/raid-hook

then hes doing something similar to what I said. or at least, using a function similar to that.

Ah, I am pretty sure I know how to make it now as long as I can figure out a way to get the angle of the surface under the player and rotating the players model.

He’s probably using move and render hook overrides in the linked addon to achieve the effect of walking on walls, but realistically, that’s not what’s happening behind the scenes.

I really wish it was possible to properly rotate the player. Sadly, collisions use world aligned bounding boxes but that’s not a huge problem.

And as far as I remember, you can’t really rotate the camera in a way that adjusts to the surface you are standing on.

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I did make something similar once where you could walk along walls like in Natural Selection.

SetGravity doesn’t allow you to walk. However, this old thread has a link that does.

Already checked that some days ago, it’s outdated and does not work anymore.

Then fix it?

Well what if I need to remake the entire thing to get it to work?

Then remake it? You want this so put some work in.

I tried fixing it before. There’s quite a lot of problems, but basically how it works is by using a camera entity and setting the player’s view to that entity and doing some other edgy tricks.