Walking slowly

So I unbound my keys today because someone had messed with some of the binds. I was walking fine before I unbound everything and then all of a sudden, after reconfiguring all my movement options in the settings, I’m constantly at a slow walking pace. Everyone on every server is faster than me. I’ve tried the -walk command, also -alt in case that was the problem. Nothing seems to help, I can run when holding shift, and I go at a sprinting speed but as soon as I take my finger off shift, I go back to a slow walking pace.
Is there anything I may be missing?

Have you tried going into options, on where the controls are, and resetting to default? That should fix said issue, if not then I have no clue.

Yeah it’s okay now. I restarted Gmod today and it seemed fine. I’m not sure what the problem was but it’s fixed now