Walking TF2 ragdolls

Thanks to gman_freeman for the tutorial.



How in the fuck?

I lol’d hard at the Heavy running.

Now that’s comedy


Fucking awesome! :smiley:

Heavy: Doctor! Kiss me.
Doctor: <screams>



Edit: lol heavy

Sucks to be the spy. The Pyro has both axes D: The scout looks rather… weird…
The Heavy and Medic was just hilarious :v:

Awesome, you sir deserver 100 funnies!

Haha, made my day

The scout looked like an drunk hippy.

bond james bond!

That seriously just made my day, thank you.

Haha, spy runs like a girl.

That’s the idea :derp:

Kaboom Kaboom

Haha the heavy looked really mental.

I wish the Pyro actually ran like that in the game :slight_smile:

LOL @ Heavy!

I lol’d so.Damn.Hard. :v:

Yatatatatatatata-yatatatatatatata, KABOOM, KABOOM :excited:


And had 2 axes :excited: