Walking through Pripyat



My models now have a dirty skin so it’s not so clean and we added a Clear Sky logo to the Clear Sky camo and radiation patches on each model, and we added Duty logo aswell and a custom faction called Zone Elite.

Looks good, nice scenebuild.

Try isolation.

The clipping on the gun is balls and the DoF is meh.

Looks alright other than that.

Oh damnit…

Its De_Energo mate, not a scenebuild D:

What Camper_DooD said, and the DoF should have been on the dead bodies not on the soldiers.

Dirty skins! Right, that’s what it needed. Everyone in the zone looks like crap, they don’t wear clean stuff. The military in Cordon has better uniforms, but the rest has known better times.

Not we, I added it.

lol joke. nice posing XD

Not bad, not very exciting though.

Ahhh… so the zone elites are a white supremacist group… sounds fun!

I see Nazi

I think the DOF would look better if it wasn’t focused on the guy in front.

Looks great, gun posing is perfect.