walking through the battlefield


Just something i made cause the idea popped into my head, i know the hands are posed horribly but for some reason i couldn’t think of how a normal person walking down the street would have their hands, i don’t need any comments on this im uploading it so a friend can see it, but if you want to comment feel free as long as you don’t freak out

We use BB code here buddy, not HTML.

if you seen my other pic, i like using this vampire model, he kinda looks like me when i don’t spike my hair, except i don’t have red eyes ore chalk white skin


sorry, i used filesmelt and i couldn’t remember what one, but i got it, thanks for telling me anyways


sorry >.> still figuring out FP

Blood spam+NPCs = Bad

Why would they line up on the opposite side of a road to fight? And is the Metrocop in the background flying?
Lighting is terrible. Posing is terrible. And you look emo, which doesn’t get anyone very far in Facepunch often.

The graphics are horrible.

that’s how i pictured it in my head, grenade, what does everyone use to get good lighting? posing on what, haha okay, that’s not how i actually look just the features, at least no ones completely freaking out >.>


but the graphics are boosted all the way! my computer runs them at max all the time…i don’t get it >.<

Don’t use simple DoF and to get better lighting is to use a map with better lighting.

well, what i was asking is how everyone get’s the good looking lighting , but whatever i’ll do everyone a favor and stop posting till i figure it out

Boy than you gotta upgrade your comp because those graphics are horrible.
Look at the edges on the Emo Model.

i got a 2.7 AMD Dual Core processor with 2 gigs of ram with a EVGA GeForce GTX 260 graphics card running on vista, it should be able to produce decent graphics shouldn’t it?

A great way to hide the jaggies is to use Super DoF. These screenshots are on the lowest possible settings; see how high amounts of DoF erase the jaggies.




wow, i see

:cawg:Jesus christ I laughed.

thanks for all the comments and advice and stuff guys

Dr. Jim Dean’s post is epic.

it is indeed, it looks like he deformed the combine by shooting him