Wall-E robot

Hey an anyone make something that looks like this crazy ass robot on that Disney movie?

It would be hilarious if it was an Npc and just beat the shit out of every combine soldier.

Theres a model, but not a NPC

That’s a static prop FYI

That’s exactly what he said it was.

Also, not Disney movie, Pixar movie. Disney just publishes it as if that would be needed when we’re talking about Pixar.

He said it was a model, which could be taken for a ragdoll or a static prop. It’s very easy for someone to make that mistake if someone else is not being specific.

Actually I meant the robot that smashes everything with the crazy arms.

Yeah, looks like no one watched your video there.
But yeah, that thing would be cool to see.

perhaps a reskinned manhack?? with modded attack??

From what little I understand about the physics of the Source engine, it wouldn’t move or act anything like the one in the movie but you could make one from scratch.

well seeing as the manhack and rollermines are practically props with AI, it shouldn’t be too hard to use the same idea to make this.

Rollermine, maybe. but you’d have to find a way to script it such that it stays upright the whole time. And I have no idea how to do that.
I was talking about making a ragdoll though.