Wall Frame Functionality

I just want to better understand how to use this properly. What am I supposed to do with the wall frame?
It seems I cannot place a doorway into the spot where I put the frame. So if I were to use this thing for some reason I’m just going to have an opening?
Someone help me out with this.

There are normal walls and frames. The frames are for functional things like the prison walls and the shop door. Don’t place them for every wall, just where you’ll add those additional ones.

Basically remove the frame you added and add a normal doorway/wall/window wall.

I love these walls.

Apart from looking good the HP on these items is way too low for any protection use !!!

this is amazing thing, can remove the problem with pillars, i don’t use yep, but looks amazing thing! if want some open internal space just put this to continue with stability o/