Wall Glitch

so apparently in the newest build… all the walls are invisible and you can walk through them. I was able to see them but my friend was not. So i refreshed and boom… no walls… Just letting ppl know so it can be fixed

To be honest i would prefer a complete wipe. Lost everything I obtained since I started the game because of some children stealing everything because of the lack of walls…

Lol? I was spamming the chat sayin “TAKE YOUR STUFF AND LOG OFF!!!” You should have listen me.

Sorry if I am not camping in my house the whole time like you do. I was on my way back and massive amount of people logged off and back in before they reported the issue. Did the same and then I saw it… Just to late because my neighbors already grabbed everything. So please be smart somewhere else… :wink:

Don’t need a wipe…

2 days ago i was raided by 8 guys who built ramps and stairs and destroyed everything and took everything i literally had nothing left… came back today… in 3 hours i got enough to rebuild… a wipe is not needed

I’m glad that one person out of the hundreds of people that think a wipe is necessary knows exactly what’s needed or not. If you have seen the amount of shit floating around you’d think a wipe is needed too.