Wall griefing

Hi all,

This has probably been posted about before but I can’t find the thread. Currently it seems possible for raiders to place walls slightly offset in front of doorways. They can do this on top of your own foundations and ceiling and it’s a shitty way to play. This is a game destroying bug and I hope they patch it soon. Imagine waking up and discovering you have several hours of axe grinding just to get out or into your base. Totally sucks as you can imagine. I’m all for raiding but I don’t believe raiders should be able to construct anything on top of someones foundations or ceilings. In “7 dies to die” you can place an ownership block that prevents anyone else except friends from building within a certain range of your base, I would like to see something similar in rust but restricted to your foundations area only (you still need to be able to raid after all).

Hoping to see this fixed sooner than later so I can get back into the game. :slight_smile:

I create lv6 foundations about half the foundation distance from doors and walls and then flood those foundations with lv6 rails. This creates a no build zone in front of doors and walls. The raider can always spend hrs busting down 3-4 lv6 rails to grief me. Also build multiple doorways so it ramps up the amount of clusters to bust down. Raiders and grievers’ typically want to move on to the next raid as each base presents new challenge for the QUICK and effective raid. You may have pissed off someone or are on a bad server. Find another griefless server, check in with chat on server status.

Two issues with what your saying. Firstly they seem to be able to place a new wall only a single thickness out from the existing wall with the door in it. In the old rust you could place either on an edge of a tile or down the centre. This is only one thickness in from the edge of the tile! Secondly how ugly are your bases with randomly placed foundations and railings? LOL

well, do you want to make a purdy house to have tea parties in or do you want to stay alive? lol

They should remove the ability to make triangle foundations on top of foundation steps… Then you can just place down foundation steps in front of your door and they can’t build anything directly in front of your door. I guess they could still box in your foundation steps by making foundation/walls around it, but that is a lot more work than simply building a foundation by your door and putting up a single wall.

It’s just griefing which isn’t a good form of gameplay for most people. If they want to grow the community it’s going to be a deal breaker for many. We were a group of 5 players and once we experienced this wall thing we all just left. Will keep reading the blogs and hopefully one day return for another go. Love the environment and idea of the game.