Wall hack and aimbot threads

Hey me and my two freinds want to see these " wall hack " and " aim bots " and see what they are.
We will send it to our server mod and he will put a block onto the files and bring the script inforcer into play but i need the threads to show him so he will know exactly what i want the scriptenforcer for. if you could please link me to them.

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Why the hell do you need that ITS GMOD NOT CSS.

ya seriously there is no use for a wallhack or aimbot in gmod. Dont google a gmod aimbot either cause if its anything like halo then every google gmod aimbot you find will be a virus. though im pretty sure youve already done this.

I have a use for a wallhack, finding shit you spawned and lost. XRays make that job much easier.

Griefing with Lua hacks is very fun what are you smoking