Wall Jumping, Clinging, Long Jump

This is kinda old but its still works great. Have fun.

Tap crouch while in the air near a wall to cling to it, Sprint = Long jump, Holding a button AWAY FROM A WALL then pressing jump to wall jump.



YESH! :v:

NOTE: No i am not trying to steal GMoves thunder, This is just something i had lying around. Have teh funz :v:

Also, you need to make a swep or a bind that makes you able to walk on walls and the ceiling :v:

This sounds cool.

Can you tern this into a weapon and add hands for climbing the wall. Then it would be like parkour mod but cooler.

Ninja time.


Also, a web like grapple hook.



Sounds great, but can somebody post a video or something?

Oh man, with a few hours of practicing wall-jumping and timing, this addon is one of the simplest, yet best ones.

do you get any hands pulling you up or do you just magicily fly up onto the ledge when jumping at a wall and tapping crouch. If not I need hands for the smallist bit of realism.

Awesome stuff. Tried it.
@alexojm, there’s no viewmodel for it because it’s not a swep.
@Wizey, there’s a bug where if you fire a weapon while clinging to a wall, the recoil will put you in an “up-drift”

It’s really good, but it bugged my jump a little. My jump is really laggy after this and etc.

Depends what crap garrys done to you. The tf2 movement code is one part that was a HUGE Mistake.

It will do until Gmove is released, thanks =3