Wall Lanterns. Yes.

Please add wall lanterns. These could burn using lqf.


Yes, yes and more yes.

But with a catch…they sometimes break and spill ignited lqf onto the wooden walls…

So we will need craftable extinguishers as well, just in case.

Water Bottles pls

Why do you need lanterns, isn’t a campfire or furnace more than enough light?

Frankly, I try to never use a light source at night, makes you/your house light up like a christmas tree for bandits.

I just been in a house, large as hell and it should be usefull to get a little bit of light in the night… I might earlier think of a cradle or something to hang some torches in, but wall lanterns could be usefull aswell.

Lanterns? No. We need electricity. The electricity would be supplied by building a small generator, which would be powered by LQF. The generator would power any electrical objects placed within the boundaries of your structure. 1 generator could power say… 10 objects. More objects requires additional generators. You could have lights inside your house, floodlights outside, electric motors & sensors on doors so they open and close automatically, an electric stove that cooks more (or faster) than a campfire, a short wave radio that lets you talk to other players over distances, central heating so you have the comfort bonus everywhere in your house/base, powered defenses (electrified fences, etc.) an electric can opener so it’s easier to open all those cans of beans and tuna, and a hot tub.

JoeyBeanz: Refer to this for electricity ideas: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1367415&p=43998581#post43998581

Yeah I don’t care I just want a hot tub. And a disco ball.

And a dirt bike.

Building a campfire on wooden staircases would be bad for survival. About the bandits… let them come.