Wall Maker

I tried thinking of something to request because there’s not many things of use out there nowadays.

So with this ‘Wall Maker’ you can make simple buildings, or maybe a fort.

Think of SCars’ spawner, where you can select cars and such and click on the floor to spawn it.

Well, similar to that, only you change it with props. Above the icons will be a pull-down menu with a blank spot for default selection. The options will be; Phoenix-Storms (certain selected PHX props would be selected for walls), Half-Life 2 (again, certain props), Counter-Strike (certain CSS props, probably), and all that.

The reason I included “Phoenix-3” in there is because probably 95% of GMod uses it, or at least as far as I’ve seen, most/all people who have joined the Gluttony server has had PHX3.

So you choose a tab, and icons will show up. If you scroll down on this wall-spawning section thing, a radar-like thing will show up. It should outline things that are there, and you can select wall pieces and make a pre-set wall set, so when you press mouse-1, it spawns this wall preset.

I can’t quite describe it. If you’ve played, for example, Hornby Virtual Railway, you can select track pieces and they’ll automatically connect to each track piece and such.

When in the Wall-Maker mode, you can select or de-select an option for “Add fence?” which can add a fence on top if you plan on getting on top of the walls.

When you’re finished with the wall making, find a spot to put it as it shall be ghosted, and press “Mouse 1”. It should detect things like walls (brushes, props, etc) so you don’t screw something up, and so people cannot block roads and stuff in maps. :smile:

You can also connect the wall pieces in the Wall-Editor to any of your props. So if I want to attach a wall section to a container, then I’ll hold mouse 1 over, for example, a small piece of wall, and it should stick to one end of the prop. Depending on where it sticks it will stick in that prop’s direction. (Shipment container, if you stick it on the square ends it will stick in the long-direction, but if you stick it on the rectangular side of the container, then it will stick in the 90 degrees way).

My hopefully understandable pictures:




I tried getting the pictures to be as understandable as they could. Sorry if it isn’t that understandable.

One valid reason for this is that it -SHOULDN’T- be an option for advanced dupelicator, because you may see shitty versions of these.
Another one would be that most can’t quite make their fort walls, and make them out of containers almost all the damn time. This should perma-weld, and freeze the props. You can undo the weld by pressing the reload button on the prop you wish to unweld, and you can do the same with the remover tool.

No, I will not use stacker. Derp.


I actually want to try this.

Wa-hey someone actually wants to try it.

Better yet, it’s actually a moderator. :v:

Heh, yeah. I’ve recently been playing around with bounding boxes and I was working on a dynamic brush entity. This would be a great way to apply that work.

I can also try and produce more pictures if you need a specific understanding of something I said that you didn’t get.

I had an idea like this a while ago. I’ll just freestyle it. No promises though.


That is the best response to a request thread. Ever.

I wanna see this done :smiley:


I would realy like this.

Good luck with this I will be checking the thread all the time about this.


Oh and I can understand what you mean and your pictures :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see I provided some info that people understood quickly.

My initial plan was to be a bit lazy and not make any.

But I felt like I was going to get flamed so I went out of my way to.

I had an idea. Would it be possable to make the walls blow up in the middle if it took enouth damage. Like in bad company. So it takes enouth damage and part of the wall blows up.

Link to what I mean: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc403kQoVlw


Maybe a block indicated a breakable wall…but not -all- of them :colbert:

Congrats on getting Grease’s attention. :v: Hope this stool becomes real. If I read right, it would make setting up perimeter walls and such much easier.

Main problem I see is that if I want to use PhysicsInitBox, it won’t be able to move around angles. It will be like a bounding box. I guess I’ll just have to get creative. I guess I’ll have to build the entity’s physics from a mesh.

I’m surprised I even got any attention.

What made it heart-stopping was a mod actually saying that he’ll give it a shot without question :v:

To tell the truth, this is my first time trying my hand at an STool. :v:

Well if you want to start with something maybe a little easier, you could give my STool idea a try. :wink:nudge

Don’t steal my thread :saddowns:

Haha, stools are weird. My first one was an extinguisher stool.
Ok you can have the thread back.