Wall runnin' and killin'





i like but hes shooting his own team? x)


heh? Own team? How can you even tell there are teams?

Real nice. Killing spree with badass muzzle flash and posing.

because of the badge on their arms :3

Looks more like he is running in mid-air because of his right foot.
Lighting and muzzleflashes are nice and the depth-of-field is good.
Smoke seems random.
Rim-lighting looks okay but is unnecessary.
Whole picture looks quite motion-blur raped. I know it’s supposed to seem action-packed and hectic, but it’s a little too much for my tastes; I like to see detail.

He’s kinda just leaping of the wall but i guess i know what you mean.
Basicly it’s just coming from the guns and the walls behind them/the guys getting hit, when i drew them began with the source of the smoke so they aren’t really random.
I thought it adds an extra awesome feeling, and it worked imo. ;o

Umm, for you:


Pssht, they aren’t the same. :o

Realy nice editing. Think i jizzed myself.
Has the guy been shot in the leg.

No that’s blood spraying from the front guy’s neck. :stuck_out_tongue:

The editing is hot.