wall stability

I found a possible bug. I was made a foundation and extend with floor element sideway (to made hardly access the foundation), i was put window element on the exetnded floor at ~60% stability, placed well. upgraded the floor to stone, and changed my mind i was destroy the twig windows and want to replace with wall. the stability still the same, but if i place any element wall, door, window just brake asap.

Yea, there is some strange magic going on.

Also, notice this:

You build a support. Then 3 walls. Place a floor above you. Then remove the walls, add supports, walls and … your stability does not change.

Make any mistake in the order of your building, and the object will hold the stability value from when it was build. Not from after you fixed it. They never recalculate the stability after placement or updates on surrounding elements. That is also why you can have floating buildings when the foundations get removed.

Still wish they would add stability to their priority list.One of the many reason people don’t rebuild their base when it’s raided because stability doesn’t return.

Stability is recalculated on server restart, server owners should do this regularly to eliminate floating structures.

Yes, it should probably be recalculated more often, if not immediately (for performance reasons), then at least at some timed interval.

Ideally, stability calculations should be done whenever something changes on a structure. That would eliminate this issue. Adding or removing a building piece should force a recalculation of stability. This would eliminate the floating structure bug.

Guess how much lagg this would do on a 200k entities Server… i better restart every 6hours.

But did someone ever try to do Server.stability false then true again?

As i remember the stability will be destroyed on Floating structures but they Keep alive, but after one shot or any dmg dealt they coallapse… someone try out

Agreed. Ideally, it should happen whenever a part is placed. Realistically, that would just kill server performance and isn’t feasible.

Not if they keep clusters of building parts from specific bases isolated. Ideally when you place an initial free-floating foundation, that should create it’s own cluster. When anything is attached to that it should be added to that cluster and stability re-evaluated (only for that base area) Even a couple thousand small calculations if done correctly shouldn’t kill performance. But what do I know, I only write bank software :suicide: