Wall that you can pass through one side only

Is it possible to make a brush stroke in hammer that you can jump against 1 side, and you won’t be able to pass, but when you jump through the opposite side, you can pass?

You could make it a func_brush with a trigger on the side you want it to be, disabling solidity until you touch a trigger on the other side (if triggers can adjust solidity, I can’t remember).

Or you could modify the VMF.

I believe they can, as i think that’s how they did that combine barriers.

Combine barriers just use filters (iirc)

You could try using a teleporter with a waypoint (so it seems like your not really teleporting)

Well, TF2 has it. RED can’t enter BLU spawns, only BLU can (and the other way around ofc). Just get the vmt of it and find out how it’s done.

It’s part of the spawn zone code.

I don’t know if it’s the same in garrysmod as counter-strike, but you could use a trigger_push.

If you can’t toggle solidity, the other way is this.

Create a func_brush, coat it with any texture. Set it to never solid. Create a trigger on one side. Create a func_brush with the playerclip texture, set it to toggle. Then link the trigger to the toggle wall and you have a brush that will disable when someone moves into the trigger on one side of the wall.

No dodgy trigger_push, no teleporters, just a little bit of entity work.

I think he means something like the Super Smash Bros. Platforms that you can jump through or something.