Wall Tier Ideas

With the new HQM in play and the crafting time of GP halved, I think the strength of walls in different materials needs addressing, mainly the strength of the currently useless metal tier and the now (imo) underpowered armored considering its cost

My thoughts:

Keep wood and stone the same strength, i.e. 1 and 2 C4 respectively. However, as they’re the cheapest by not requiring any further processing, consider bringing back tool raiding in these materials.
Keep tool-less raiding in the metal tier but buffed to require 2-3 C4. I.e. similar strength as stone, but you need C4.
Give the armored a large jump, say to 5 C4

This would give us something to spend our metal frags on!

This might sound like going back a step to before we had a “strong” and “weak” side of a wall, which I do like, but the “weak” side of the wall would be really weak and you can have an option to double skin a wall?


Remember that compound walls will be coming out soon. Hopefully frags can be used for those.

I really really hope compound walls will be later proof. Otherwise, whats the point?

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  • goodbye for the present; see you later.

Yes I hope that these walls are goodbye proof, trapping nakeds so I can torture them and force them into slavery.

How about making c4 more expensive? This would maybe make the raiders think twice before they blow up that 2x1 shack and waste c4.

Shit metal needs to be buffed to 2x C4’s with cost increase. And armored needs to be 4X C4’s.

2 c4 for a stone compound wall… Wonder if they can be layered.

Looks like the wood versions on dev are the only ones with barbed wire at the top.

Stone ones basically act like free standing stone walls.

Wood: 2 C4
Stone: 3 C4? not sure on this one, haven’t tested