Wall Worm Model Tools - 3DS MAX to Source Faster!

Just stumbled across this script for 3ds max, it makes the qc file, exports collision and reference SMD’s, auto-generates LOD’s, and other features. Looks like it could be helpful.

Wow, I’ll test it out and report back

Its a shame that valve isn’t updating their mod tools to become more user friendly. This kind of stuff helps a ton. Thanks for the link.

This could be extremely useful. Neat.

Doesn’t work for 3ds max 2009 64 bit. The script stops at anything with “this.” in it.

Hello there. I’m the developer of the tool! I just updated it to support back to version 2008. Please let me know how it works for you. (Thanks for posting… I just started learning MAXScript when I started this tool… and I did not know that the keyword “this” wasn’t used in previous versions).

Thanks for that. I will test it out when I get the chance.

I don’t quite understand how to use it. How do I even bring the UI up?

Oh hey this is pretty cool, but does it have the ability to accept custom .qcs? This looks nice but the GUI doesn’t include vars that I use a lot like damage info etc. The LOD stuff looks very useful.

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Oh wait I just finished watching the video and found out that it doesn’t auto-compile if you tell it not to, and therefore lets you edit the qc. Perfect!

Instructions for running are at http://wallworm.com/projects/utilities/docs/getting_started/running.html

It’s still in beta (though nearly done). I will create the UI menus/buttons for Max when it is officially out of beta.

My only issue with your tool is that it seems a little bit bloated, I can do everything I need far faster manually than flicking through all your options. Maybe I’m just not your target audience or something but I think I’m going to give this a miss. Keep going though, I’m sure a lot of beginners would love a tool like this and I applaud you for giving to the community. If I ever start modelling for a heavy mod I’ll keep this in mind.

Thanks for the input. The target audience, in the end, is me! :slight_smile: I’ve been building it for myself… so that I can just send the models I’ve been working on straight into Source. But I’ve been influenced by feedback from those using it.

I personally don’t want to have to edit any QCs, VMTs, etc. This tool won’t cut out the need for any of that if you need to add settings that aren’t included in it… but what it does at the very least is prefill a base QC with all the SMDs, LODs, material paths, etc as a starting point for mor advanced models.

Anyway, feel free to share any suggestions on how to improve it from your perspective!

I’ve made some updates since the last posts. Among them is a UI fix for the LOD list and the added feature of a LOD Camera. See the changelog for exact details.

Also, I’ve added some new videos and docs:

Export prop: http://wallworm.com/projects/utilities/docs/using/export_static_prop.html

Export Textures: http://wallworm.com/projects/utilities/docs/using/export_textures.html

Generate LODs and LOD Cam: http://wallworm.com/projects/utilities/docs/using/generate_lods.html

Hi there! I love what you’re doing to facilitate the modding experience for everyone.
I was wondering if you’ll do the same thing for Maya at some point?
Keep up the great work :slight_smile:

It’s unlikely… I only have Max and don’t have any experience with other apps. Designing levels for CS was a hobby of mine for many years… and now I’m just extending it into Source. My first real experimental map for Source taught me that the asset part is such a pain… I started this so that my next project won’t be such a drag on time to make it what I want.

But as it’s a hobby and since I don’t own Maya… I can’t really say there is chance that will happen. Maybe since Valve uses Maya now (from what I understand) they’ll release something like my tool (or better) for the community… Of course, something like this is long overdue.

I sure hope they do.
Ta for the reply :slight_smile:

Hi Worm. I was reading through your website. Will this addon make a good Rag-doll? me and a bunch of friends are trying to make rag-dolls of ourselves and we’ve been stumped up to the “Export” part.

Ragdolls should be straightforward with the tool. But joint restraints/limits are not yet translated to the model. You may want to watch the videos which may cover some things that aren’t mentioned in the docs. I am trying to keep thedocs and videos up-to-date as much as possible… but I only have so much time… so it is sometimes slow.

PS. I’m adding Attachments to the tool presently.

I’d just like to say that I love this thing, it makes my life so much easier.

Thank you :slight_smile: I just updated it. It now support $attachments . Also, I added in the settings floater a way to add WWMT into the Max UI (so you can customize the Max interface and add a button or menu item to launch the tool).