Wall Worm Model Tools Anniversary Edition : Version 1.73

There is a new version of Wall Worm Model Tools. It introduces proxie tool to reuse models for the VMF exporter… and it makes it easier to make skins for models.


PS. There is an update to the Wunderboy SMD Exporter coming soon that will open up a couple new features (that are used in WWMT) and also fixes some bugs that happen with certain kinds of meshes. So keep an eye on Wunderboy’s site for that update.

Holy shit this is going to help me so much with ports.

I hope it does help you :slight_smile: It certainly helps me do anything.

For regular users… the new proxie tool is pretty useful… but I haven’t documented it yet (the video is the only docs on it at the moment). In fact, I haven’t documented a lot of the changes/additions in a while. I may try to update docs next week.

I think the main problem is its hard to just jump into really. Probably a tutorial on that would be easy. Like how to make this one simple thing and throw it into the map.

There are some videos on my Youtube channel for various features. Also, the docs site (linked in first post) have docs on the model tools. The integration with the displacement tool is still not really documented… but I hope to document them in the near future along with some of the other key functions I haven’t addressed yet like the VTA tools.

But it takes a lot of time and effort to document everything… so I can’t give a specific timeline for that.

Aye, the bits I had trouble with are exporting a physics prop and the texture options. I didn’t realise I had to to go into the gib section etc before it would add the keyvalues necessary to make it a physics prop. Still haven’t figured out the texture tools.

Despite that though, for me this is the best tool for source in years and makes creating model content so much less of a horrible chore.

Here are a couple tips on textures:

  • The Valve material compiler (vtex.exe) will not create directories in your game’s material folders. So if you have a Material Folder Path for the model as myName/myMap/stuff … then there needs to be a folder that matches that before trying to export the textures in C:…game/materials/myName/myMap/stuff (inside stuff will be myMat1.vmt/myMat1.vtf, myMat2.vmt/myMat2.vtf, etc). This is the most common missing step by users learning the ins-and-outs of the tool.

  • The tool can only export TGA bitmaps.

  • At the moment, the only materials that can be on your model to always work are Standard and Multi/Sub-Object. In the docs it mentions Shell (since RTT makes a shell material) but shell isn’t yet supported by the SMD Exporter… so after you do RTT you need to get the baked material and apply that to your model.

Here is a fuller run-down of materials:

Basic Texture Overview
Detailed Explanation of Material Exporting

Here is a map of what material maps will get exported from 3ds to Source via the texture exporter:

And here is a video overview on exporting textures:

Hopefully that helps getting the textures to work :slight_smile:

Hearing things like that always encourages me. :slight_smile:

Extremely useful! Cheers!

I’ll probably release a new minor update this week… one to fix some proxie export rotations. Sometimes the rotation of the proxies is wrong when you open Hammer. I haven’t gotten to the bottom of it 100% but close.

I also noticed that PakRAT doesn’t seem to account for textures anymore (it’s been a while since I used it). SO I’m adding a RES maker that will make a res file for your scene’s models and materials. (You’ll still need to manually add waves, scripts, soundscapes, etc as this will only account for models, model textures and world textures that are in your Max scene).

Version 1.745 is out. In it, WWMT now creates flexcontrollers with VTA/morph animation exports.

Also, the update fixes the broken displacement exporter in version 1.744.

Click here for the complete changelog… since I don’t have all new features documented.

helps so much when i’m making displacements. thanks!