Walling Monuments - Bannable?

Currently playing on Facepunch London 1 and 3 players are walling Radtowns/Monuments, specifically Dome to try and shut people off from Crude Oil + Barrels which really eliminates PvP in that area and hurts new players getting BP’s or items.

Not sure how to report this as no admins moderate the main servers unless it’s for hackers but surely this isn’t allowed?

Their names are: emrahnzm, demoxy & [pumps]Annihilator

so break down the wall? or convince someone else to?

Fire rocket? Those wooden walls suck.

working as intended. It is shitty but a legitimate tactic.

Depends on the server, we don’t allow it on mine. But I don’t ban for it…I just wait for someone to ignore the warnings, then I destroy it wasting all their mats lol

Got to love the “/remove all” command on modded servers :smiley:

Not bannable, no. TBH, as long as the walls aren’t the result of hacking or glitching, I think the game is about the player-base having to deal with stuff like this (though Helk or Garry might have other ideas - that’s just my opinion).

Should see the 3 height wall FRIENDLY made around the water treatment plant on Frankfurt 1, immense.

The time and resources devouted to do this is pretty imense. If someone really want to wall of a monument, I dont see any problem with doing so. Its part of the game mechanics.

They also have to make cupboards every 50m or so, or you could just make a tower and jump over it.

That beeing said, on a high pop server, you would probably not be able to keep that wall too long anyways. And the maintenance alone would be a nightmare to keep up with the decay

on our server they are but they are +20 tho

A bigger no-build radius would solve this problem and encourage the player to travel more. And for a 30 player clan its very easy to wall off a monument. Thats no skill. Such things make the gap between ultra large clans and normal clans or solo player bigger and bigger.

Nothing new I seen it done on multiple servers.

If I remember correctly NY 1 has stone walls around dome.

Either you get rad towns covered by walls or surrounded by snipping towers. Either way it’s the same thing.

I have been on both sides of this issue. It was much worse when there was only a few radtowns. Now with so many on the map even if 1 or 2 get walled off there are still plenty.

I think there are enough barrel spawning areas now to justify allowing the walling off of a monument. Even if an area is walled off, still plenty of areas for solos to find barrels.

I hated it to. Then join a clan that did it once and it was one of the funnest seeds in my opinion.

There is strength in numbers. There is no way Rust will ever get around this. I think they try to balance small and solos but groups will always have a big advantage and rightfully so.

Arkillion, your kind of whining is the reason why most of the modern games are dumbed down, this is not a hack : deal with it.

On Facepunch 1 the trainyard was blocked 20h after the wipe.

Place a cupboard. Build twig stairs to go over the fence and also place stairs on the other side so you can get out. Easy.

The area was protected by cupboards. After the next wipe i try to spam my cupboards near monuments to prevent it.

Isn’t Rust about conquer? Isn’t the idea to crush your enemies, use them as concubines and slaves, and take over vast parcels of land?:yarr::clown: Insane in the membrane,

why would this be bannable ? why dont you make friend with a couple of other nakeds, make a base, make explosive, and raid the wall yourself ? there are 9 to 11 monuments per map, who care if 1 of them is walled.

I would destroy 1 cupboard with c4 and make one entrance for me. All loot is mine now hehe.