Walling off rad towns

is it legal to wall off rad towns

Depends on the server rules^^. You should at last say the name of the facepunch rust server you play on.

Rust is not concerned with Legality. Rust is concerned with only this: What arrrrr ya gonna do about it? :yarr:

If it wasn’t OK why would they have put both walls and rad towns in the game?

its fine. for each map there are 5 radtowns, 1 airfeild, 1 globe, 1 satelite, 3 hangar, a few lighthouses and countless caves. every single of these location have loot with equal chance of blueprints. ( from my 1000h experience of raiding walled radtown and walling radtown myself, barels and radtown crates have equal chances of giving gun bluepritn and C4 blueprint. I know radtown crates gives actual guns often, but blueprint speaking, theyre the same). So lets say 1 of the 11 loot location get walled, you still get 10 other locations. even if every of the 11 location get walled, you still get the long roads between them.

walling a radtown is expensive, hard to maintain. it is significantly easier to raid a radtown wall and make yourself a door on it, than it is to build and maintain the wall.

raiding walls around radtowns were always my favorite thing, ever since radtown got introduced in the new rust. it just is a good challenge when youre naked and you want to raid it. you befriend a few stranger, establish a common goal, work your way until you get a pickaxes, enough wood for a tower, and 1 or 2 C4. Then you jumpthe wall, destroy 1 cupboard 1x1, and build your own cupboard and door. then you build 10 more cupboards 1x1 around it, and watch the wallers waste huge amount of C4 to find out which one of hte 1x1 you placed hold the main cupboard.

TLDR: just raid the wall, its not that hard.


It’s stupid, sure. Just because you’re becoming the prime target of the whole server. But forbidden, no.