My current wallpapers I’ve made quickly.
Backgrounds are from the l4d comic and google.

I have 2 screens, so it has to be setup like that.

Tinypic resizes shit annoyingly. 1st screen is 1920x1080 24", don’t know the second screen.
Anyone else have any ideas of what I should make next?

Also, I’m aware that Guadin’ is spelt wrong, forgot to save the PSD, then later saw that I mispelt it.

How do you get a massive picture like this to extend across two monitors?

I’ve got a 1680x1050 and a 1280x1024 and if I make a big picture like this, I just get the picture shrunk down with letterboxes on both monitors, instead of one side of the picture on my big monitor and the other side on the little monitor.

I had the same problem at first, but just make the picture position to tile.


If anyone wants the actual wallpapers, or wants a custom wallpaper, then ask.

wait i’m confused, what do you think the spelling is

it’s guarding, not gaurding or gauding

Forgot the R in the op.

i misspelled your misspelling

fuck my gay sleep deprived life

Take a look at my youtube page if you think you’re sleep deprived atm.

2 days awake isn’t good for me…

about 90 minutes of sleep followed by 3 hours of thermodynamics lectures woowoo

Pretty off-topic atm.