walls and rocks...

What’s the easiest/best way of making walls and stones like these?

Displacements and models

The above post(s) are correct.

Ok thanks.

Like this? yeah it looks like crap.
But why does the sides dissapear when i click displacements, create, power: 3, OK.

What sides are disappearing? You have to select the sides you want to be visible then apply displacement to them, else they will go invisible.

Maybe i’m doing it wrong, this is how i do it.

The sides are gone :S.

Select all visible sides of the brush.

Uhm how do i do that?
I mean when i click the brush it looks like all sides are selected because the are all red.

Don’t cut it beforehand. Just turn it into a displacement and then make it slope with paint geometry.

Don’t cut. Use vertex edit.

Thank you, i’ll try that.

Displacements have to have 4 edges, no more no less

I believe you mean it must only have a four sided face. and it must have 6 faces per brush.

Otherwise, laptopman is completely right.

It isn’t a square/rectangular face, so it cannot be turned into a displacement.

Not true.


As long as the brush only has 6 faces.

Both those pictures are models.

Displacement faces must be quads (four edges/vertices).
It doesn’t matter how many faces the object has and it doesn’t matter what shape the displacement face is (however it must be a quad and it can’t be an invalid brush).

Don’t forget sew =D

This. This is right.