Walls are breakable?

Okay, so walls are breakable that’s pretty cool honestly. Wait, but now people can bypass your door and go to the heart of your home! Oh no!

That’s what I’ve seen a lot of people say. These are wooden walls though…they should be breakable. I’m sure they are going to implement metal walls, concrete walls, & many more materials.

So making walls breakable seems completely reasonable.

What was the point of this post? Just to give people complaining a new perspective. Also if anyone feels that the developers have messed up make or find an existing thread. Comment suggestions to fix what’s wrong. Don’t just complain. It’s an alpha.

We are supposed to give suggestions and break things. People are getting way to attached to their houses and loot currently. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the idea of making wooden walls breakable. It may be annoying now but once different types of walls are implemented it will give people an incentive to not just make wooden shacks.

I have not played Rust, but in my opinion: I see no point in making wooden walls breakable.

It defeats the hardcore objective of raiding somebody. Without the stress and excitement I believe the game will become worse.

if I was in a post-apocolyptic zombie situation, I would use any means to enter your house, kill you, and take everything you have. Even if that means busting through the wall with an axe.

You have a good point, and now I 100% agree with you.

I hope the time for breaking down walls is quite long.

you probably wouldn’t be alive for very long. Going loud on someone’s property; their home turf, seems like a quick and easy way to get yourself killed.

Hide your stashes or make a gigantic pile of crates, put dummy loot in a few, and only one has the real loot. People would probably get bored sifting through every single crate before they find one with the real loot.

Makle your building but give it some height, about your players height or more in height. So make your walls, then make a ceiling on those, then a ramp on the outside that takes you onto the ceiling, THAT will be your first floor, and make more walls ontop of that ceiling, then but a door/hole where the first ceiling was (which should be your floor) so there’s an opening and another ramp (kind of creating a basement) where you could place your more important Items.


It’s pretty obvious that they will implement metallic structures and chances are that they will have the same property as the metal door of not taking melee damage.

Would have preferred if they did this change AFTER adding metal walls though.

I’m just saying it’s something that I could, and might have to do at some point.

I dont know if u are actually playing rust BUT, the sound distance of smashing someone his wall/door isnt very far, perhaps like 2 foundations away.
Also realise that people arent at there pc 24/7. Work/skool/sleep so u’l be atleast 16 hours away from ur house be SURE when u log back in u can start over again :slight_smile:
With the metal doors the odds where alot bigger that people just walk by ur house cause they dont feel like trowing 100 nades. There is even a construction way that people are not able to grenade ur door even u build it on pillars and u actually have to jump to ur door. But nowadays people can stand at the edge of ur wall and knock down ur wooden frame and maybe takes like 10mins now to knock down some walls to get to ur center and make u start over again when ur about to log in to rust after a day at work/skool, quiet depressing :slight_smile:

Apparently you’re at “skool” to learn how to spell school. :slight_smile:

I think there are certain aspects of raiding that are important and that balance is not quite right:

  1. Raiding should be hard but achievable
  2. House owners who build up their base should have the ability to defend it while online and offline
  3. Resources invested in raiding such as explosives should reflect the ease with which they help you to gain access
  4. IMO access should not be instant as if you are online inside your house you should at least know someone is attacking before they are inside. Be that a requirement for a min of 2 explosives to get in, a ticking sound on explosives, multi explosions per device…what ever.

It also helps breaking the walls if you want to expand your house farther than one foundation.

A friend suggested that owners should be able to take down walls at a faster rate, much slower for raiders.

I thought it was pretty good before the changes. These changes have really made houses rather pointless (especially metal doors), now there is little to do in game except be a bandit and farm nothing. You either risk all your stuff in the house or you carry it with you, either is very risky! You really just want whats on you at anyone time to fight. Not really in the spirit of the game so they need to make some changes quickly to improve defence in the form of stronger structures and traps :slight_smile:


Thats not relevant. I’am working and going to SKool and no in in Belgium english isnt the second language thats being teached but french.
English isnt my first language like it is with you, so i really dont care if am typing mistakes. Aslong as the majority of people understand what i am trying to explain.


Right now i am running around naked, get a pick-axe and troll someone his house with smashing down few walls, take his loot and die minutes later and do it all over again. Not even worth to build something if u cannot be online 24/7

Houses now have no point. Having just the doors breakable was great.