Walls decaying?

Why does the walls decay after 5 days?

In my option I think it’s stupid and the feature should be removed. The fact that you cannot play on a rust server for more than five days in your own base is quite a silly concept. Yeah, I mean the fact that you can repair the walls with wood allows us to maintain the healthiness of the base. However, the walls only decay on the last and fifth day in my case I was not able to connect to the internet therefore not letting me on the server I was playing on.

Remove the decaying feature, IMO it ruins the game.
If anything - make the decaying time longer to maybe 20 days or more. There’s no point playing if the base destroys itself when you’ve finally managed to build it up.

Thank you for your consideration.

If, you enter/exit your house, it will stop that from happening.

I think the name of the game, “Rust,” implies that things do very much decay indeed. The admin has the power to turn this feature off and I suggest you find a server where this option has been selected.

It’s an okay feature, because it prevents servers to be kinda “overbuilt”
Houses that are not longer in use are dissapearing
Sure when you are going oon vacation your house will possibly go away but thats just the way it is and it is good as it is, because i know that you want to move 2 feet without instantly running agains abondoned houses

It only decays if you don’t interact with your house for 5 days straight.

The decay timer is reset every time you open/close a door. So it really only matters if you take a break and come back. After the 4th day, your building will start to decay from the top down.