Walls Indestructible?

What do you guys think? I mean yea its “unrealistic” but its a game. I personally think that walls should be indestructible. Makes you feel more secure I guess…

No negative feedback please.

No negative feedback… Right. I suppose thats why no one has yet to comment.


Negative meaning “this post is gay, ban this faggotttttt #yolo420swagmasta

Ha then whats the point of raiding for large groups? with like 25 explosives…

To get through doors. I mean some might not agree with me, but I think that destructible walls just ruins the point of making chains of hallways with metal doors to your loot room. I mean someone with 4 charges can get to ALL of your loot, when you originally plan to make them use at LEAST like 20 charges.

But thats why you have active players on or go to a place nobody knows and just chill there :slight_smile:

I agree with your second point but its a little difficult to have active players on 24/7. I mean life gets in the way lol :slight_smile:

True dat haha

Haha… stupid me. I read that as “SHOULD WALLS BE DESTRUCTIBLE”. Stupid CAPS. So I voted Yes, but I wanted to vote No. Walls, pillars, EVERYTHING should be destructible. Explosives should just be extremely rare (as in 5% drop rate or less).

Plus, i have school 8am to 4-5pm that gets in the way of my time alot.

Sorry man, but I gotta say this is dumb. The point of destructability is to add to the survival. In other words, in a real life scenario, morals are the last thing that matter, you will do whatever you can to survive before you help anyone else.

That could be a solution. What if you could only get C4 charges in Air Drops BUT what if you could make small sticks of dynamite? Like 1/3 the power of a pack of C4. What do you think of that?

C4 are rly hard to make and take a lot of time why should them nerf this more ?

They are not hard to make, just on my own, playing for 2 days, stockpiled over 50.
I do think crafted ones should be much weaker than dropped ones, for sure.
That’s assuming we are not explosive experts in rust.
And there should be a separate workstation needed for explosives, with a chance to hurt yourself somehow.
I am all for destructible homes, but explosives are too op atm.