walls unable to be placed, any help?

me and my two friends were building our house when we found that some of our walls
on the second floor would not place properly. there is two pillars and ceiling for it to go on.
but when we go to place it it clips in green than wont place. both of the two other players have
tried also with no luck. i have been playing rust for a long time before the steam release even, and i
know that this is not something i did wrong. but some sort of glitch/error.
if i could have some help it would be so very appreciated,
thanks. :slight_smile:

Restart the game, and try crouching when you place the wall.

^ that did not work tried it 3 times all of us all 3 of us

Have you placed a Large Wood Spike anywhere below where you are trying to build?

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no, no large or small spike wall. they surround my house but they are 1 or 2 foundation lengths away.