Walmart Sniper

This didn’t take very long.

How about turning your graphics up… just abit.

Or if they are; find some way of importing a pic on these boards without that horrible image compression rape.

[edit] Also, are those combines npc’s?

Horrible graphics.


This isn’t a pose, this is NO EFFORT:Dawkins102:

that map looks worse than construct

took me forever to see the sniper

Do they sell metal walls? the ones in my anal probing room are shit/bloodstained.


@ the Wall Mart sign.

Dude, im starting to think your a troll… You go one step forward and take 10 backwards.
There is even a sniper there? the sniper is the weird plant near the front?

Zer word to day iz anti-aliasing.

But the sniper is doing a good job. had to look four times before I saw him. Or her. I am not sexist.

He barely looks posed.

I was being ironical.

Dude I’m not a troll. I despise them. I’m relatively new to this thing and I want to get relatively good at this. Yes there is a sniper there, hence the irregularity in the grass. Cut the new guy some slack.

Its criticism mate, Also, why is the sniper just layed on his face with arms out?

It looks like you just flung a sniper into the grass, the angle is making it hard to see much of the pose. Try playing around with your angles until you get one that looks good.

Never use npcs, Using a NPC in a pose will instantly get you a few flaming comments about it. Take the time to pose the characters.

Use jpeg_quality 100 and try to max out your graphics, noone likes bad quality pictures.

Give a hand at editing your stuff using GIMP, its fairly easy once you get used to it and can be good fun when you play good music during the editing. (You can also try photoshop if you have it)

And last but not least, Before taking the picture think about anything nitpicky Facepunch can complain about. Every single detail. If you spot something fix it until it looks good, that way we have no point to complain about and the comments will start to be like “Wow awesome job mate” And we all know we enjoy getting such comments.

There is some decent C&C IMO .

Let me be the second person to be nice.

  • Set your graphics to the highest. If you must, pose the sceen first, crank up your settings, and take the screenshot. Like Fantasticool said, use Jpeg_quality 100 (I forget to do this a lot myself).

  • NEVER, EVER use NPCs. Even if you somehow manage to do a pose with excellent use of NPCs, the heartless clique-bound members will refuse to accept that you did it and will tell you you’re horrible.

  • Don’t leave such empty space. Unless it’s filled or there’s a need for it (such as showing distance), never do a shot with wide open areas filled by nothing.

  • The map isn’t that great for sniping. Why are there Combine, and why is a sniper from a modern military trying to take them down? If you could work a small background story or some other explanation into it, that’d be wonderful.

  • Finally, don’t take C&C as an insult. Some people will be more harsh than others (this is sometimes understandable, with the tendency of new members to blatantly ignore the stickies and well-established posing rules). Others will be nice. Try not to mistake legitimate C&C for insults.

That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.

Not taking offense taken to C&C, your post was very helpful :smiley:
I just don’t take kindly to being called a troll.

He’s thinking your a troll, not calling you one, But yea never use npc’s

Yeah, wilco.

I’m working on a pose atm. It’s a bit generic shoot out but I feel the posing is quite good. Taking Ages which I imagine is a good sign :smiley:

Looks like he didn’t do his job well and ended up getting shot

He is doing a snake pose :stuck_out_tongue: