Walrus Roleplay

Do you hate Über serious Roleplay? No? Well I do! Therefore, I made this!

Walrus Roleplay is different in that it’s not DarkRP! Walrus RP unlike most RPs has a mayor which does serve a function!

The Mayor whom is elected under normal circumstance is in charge of, of course the city(Or Prefecture). The Municipal government does actually serve a purpose beyond merely policing the general populace; They are your friends!(Hopefully) The Mayor also can institute a wide array of Taxes, but there starts with a mere 10% Income Tax. Said taxes go to the City Treasury when there is a gain, the treasury doesn’t do much now but it does pay for important things like the Police.

Speaking of Police, unlike traditional Gametypes(Cough DarkRP Cough) aren’t voted into their positions(Why would they?) and instead the Mayor may appoint a Police Chief, the Police Chief then only the Chief can draft Officers. Usually with DarkRP Coppers are abusive beyond belief, but at least in this system its more of a hands on approach. Wait a second! Remember the speech on taxes earlier? Well, I hope you did! The taxes are crucial to the police, as most important of all they pay their salary. Without it, no sane man would take such a job. Secondly, they pay for vital logistics, one of which is quintessential in times of great conflict; Armor! Thought I was going to say Guns, didn’t you? Nope, my gametype has Body Armor for the Police; the better the armor the more it will slow them down which then raises an important question; “Do you risk letting them escape and being able to hurt more people?”

Of course, with all society there comes the typical desires for social standing and the wealth tandem of it, so there will be things to buy. I am hoping to include a somewhat unique property system. One of the elements of which I’ve already decided upon is in the concern of legal firearms, a topic of great interest to many. Legally purchased Firearms will stay in the person’s possession, even when the laws change(Hint hint) and across server changes. (There will be instances where such arms can be seized though, don’t worry) However, you must withdraw them from a special inventory that takes time to take it from.

Therefore, you can already tell it will have some seriousness but it won’t be overkill. For one, there typically isn’t Perma-Death. Instead, and to also discourage dying(Albeit you really shouldn’t need discouragement for dying) you’ve got to pay Insurance. Now what becomes a problem is if you keep dying your Insurance rates will soar, and you’ll have to think of something else, otherwise you’ll be broke.

Mein Walross IP: walruses.game.nfoservers.com:27015

**I thank you all very much for your patience, this gamemode isn’t even in pre-alpha but I feel it would be wise to allow people to play it for what there is done to better improve the gametype, as it would allow for suggestions, bug fixing, and other things. If you keep patient with me, I am sure we can succeed. **

Notice, for periods in between stable versions, it will be running DarkRP. It is temporary




So where does money come from?

A Magical place called “The Mint”

Just kidding! It’ll probably start with people having a few bucks in their wallet, and then they can get jobs doing things to earn money, the jobs will probably be Non-Physical in a sense at first. Perhaps in the future I can change that, I already have one idea; Burglar Alarms. There could perhaps be different companies that make them and try to sell them? :slight_smile:

Reminds me of The Specialist RP!
I wish you luck.

Thank you very much! And, if you are interested would you be willing to Beta test in the future perhaps?

Maybe, just hit me up on Steam or FP, and I’ll jump on.

Sounds like a project with potential. Good luck with this, I may check it out when I have free time.

I like the name.

the server doesnt have anything on it


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Not yet.

This has the Cdr248 Stamp of Approval.


:v: I was thinking of making a walrus version of that joke but couldn’t think of one

Inb4 I am the walrus jokes

Is the 64 MB Glitch still present?

I really like the name. Sounds like a gamemode with good potential as the guy said above.

Good luck mate, I’ll probably join when I have time. :slight_smile:

I’ll help test, I’m interested in the premise. Add Raught19 on Steam.

Hey may I ask you guys; If plausible/feasible should I add it so when Police look at cars it shows them who owns it, like with Doors in DarkRP?

I’m interested in testing, PM me if you need any.

My, I appreciate the willingness to assist from this community. The IP has again changed, as we have received a complementary server from NFOServers.com, this one appears to have far superior Bandwith and more player slots when warranted down the line.