I realize this has been done, but it didn’t have any tusks and the download is broken. All I want is a walrus ragdoll.


I want to support this just because of the goofy look on that thing’s face.
Now I want to be able to do a ‘derp’ thing with an eye-poseable version of a ragdoll of this.

Now you’ve made me want it more :C :derp:

One last bump.
Then I’ll reluctantly let it die.

There already is one.

Might I inquire as to the locality of its down-loadable content that I might procure it?
(Good Sir)
wipes the brown off his nose
Seriously though, if you could point me, I’ll go DL it.


Aww dangit, the downloads have gone out. I thought I had the model but I must have deleted it at some point because I can’t find it anymore. Maybe someone else has it still?

No biggy, thank’s anyways.
I was just really hoping to make that “derp” thing I mentioned.