Walt Dead World Resort

Hey guys, this is the first time I’ve posted on facepunch in about 2 years. The other stuff I posted was disgusting and a disgrace to mapping. So here I make it up to you with a left 4 dead 2 map I have been working on.

That is part of the outside of the Magic Kingdom In disney world.

I just started working on the murals inside of the castle

If you guys have any questions or requests please feel free to let me know.

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Also something I should have mentioned above is that I have only been working on this map since last night so not a lot has been added.

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Disneyland map would be so awesome!

I actually just got the elevator working to bring you to the cinderella suite.

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I’m looking for people to help with this project considering the size and how much work its going to take to do it. If you are interested in helping message me on steam: Toxictwinkie28

I’d love to see this for gmod :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes there was a project a while back that was for gmod but just think how cool it would be to ride space mountain, oh man how cool would it be to have a disney themed roleplay server oh man im pumped.

I did try to contribute to the last big walt disney park project that I think you referred to. To my understanding tho it failed due to the project being too big. Perhaps you can drudge up the threat in here and contact the makers to see if they are willing to share content that might help you out.
At any rate good luck.


took a break but got some water around the castle and starting to work on the court yard

If you’re doing WDW, you’ve got to put the Man and Mouse statue there.

working on it, that tombstone is just a temporary thing.

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cant seem to find a model anywhere thats where my problem is.

Pretty unlikely that you’ll find many disney related models around.

Times like this it would be great to have a 3D scanner for your phone and convert “pictures” over to 3DsMax.

Type roller coaster tycoon 3 disney pack in google, there are plenty of packs that include the mouse and Walt disney. They are .objs so it should be easy to convert.

I typed it in on google and I all I see are lots of fireworks. I have no idea how to convert models…but if anybody wants to be the person who converts models for me I’ll pay them 10 bucks haha.

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Would fire works be possible?

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Join the official steam group: Walt Dead World Resort


Great start :slight_smile: I think the map reminds me abit of that “Tower of Terror” map that got removed from steam.

Was it this one?

Also, what rides will you be including?

Also have someconcept art for abandoned amusement parks

Most rides will be included besides splash mountain. It will be there but you wont be able to ride it. I have to come up with some design ideas.

Fixing some issues with cinderellas castle

This was a joke btw

The Tower of Terror I know is this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77w3ZhA7Pcg

Never found a DL for it though.

Tell me you’re using and abusing func_detail