Wanna know how big experimental map is?

So I’ve been taking a long (sprinting) walk along the shoreline, all around the island on the first server on experimental, and it took me

102 minutes!!!

Just woah

That’s one way to waste time…

Great to know!

Playing games in general is wasting time, isnt it ?

If he enjoyed it, then no time was wasted.

Should have done that when the sky bridge was up for a baseline. Times will vary depending on the height and amount of hill/mountains you climbed.

My assumption is it is the same size as the full 2013 map.

I walked along the shore, I didnt climb any mountains. And you are maybe right, but the old map had “centres of interest” so 60% of map was pretty much unused

so it’s actually smaller than the current map? cool. I was hoping the randomly generated maps would be a tad smaller than than the current one.

I was hoping for bigger, with animals everywhere instead of just in one place. Then you really could disappear away from everybody and still feed yourself. Would have to go near mineral rich areas to get materials for some stuff though.

If he enjoyed it, he needs help. :v:

I have run in a “straight” line north, from everest, and, after 50 minutes, I didn’t reach the other end of it (sea). Hopefully the experimental map is as big as the old one and that there will be more resources, cities, etc, on the “desert” outside the road. Would be awesome to be able to play in a server with 200 people and still not sight people every minute.

I don’t think there will be any cities

That sounds like a good idea in Rust.
People milling about in the wrecked streets. Certain areas of value in radiated locations. Bears ready to fuck your shit up in a office building.

Havent you ever heard of office-bears?

apparently the experimental server is down at this moment…
“client.connect” thats probably why my server list is empty then.

I imagine they’re common in Sweden.

Draw a map of what you can see. Be a cartographer!

I can say this, I never walk down the office-aisle with salmon in me pockets!

By this logic, if I enjoy wasting time, I’m not wasting time. Kinda paradoxy eh?

I work in IT support (in Portugal), supporting sweddish client companies. So yeah, there are office bears… Sometimes, I can hear them fuing st up on the other side of the line! :quagmire: