Wanna RP with me?

Hey, I’m really into planes n stuff along those lines. I would love to be able to design/fly these better. I’m crap at designing and there aren’t really any tutorials specific to what i want. Speaking of such I would love to know if anyone would like to do a little rp with me. I’ll set up a hamachi server or connect to one of your servers. (hamachi or whatever the other kind is) You would be RPing with me as a flight training instructor, giving me flying lessons.you would need to provide a decent plane. Please email me at darkbluefox15@gmail.com if you wish to discuss details/exchange steam ID’s. (email me plane specs, ie: fin or thruster, self made or dupe, etc…)
P.S. There is room for multiple people


Flying lessons get you off, eh?

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Nice to see somebody trying to set up some organized RP, even though it seems a tad weird, good luck with this.

well it’s not so much as rping. I just suck at flying and it would be nice to have someone to practice with/someone who has a decent plane in the first place.

Or you could join a sandbox server and do it in there? There are a TON of servers with no one on them, use one of those instead of hosting one yourself…

Wait does the plane need to be customly built? Or does it have to one of those addon planes?