Want a Rust key? Look here!

Guess what kids! We don’t have any, and we definitely are not giving them to inbreds.

You will NOT survive on this forum. This is Auschwitz for people like you.

What’s that? You really want an unfinished game? Okay then, follow these key steps.

  1. Go ask your mommy and daddy to pay for a Gold Membership.
  2. Wait for keys to be released in the gold member sub forum.
  3. Get your key.
  4. Leave.

(User was banned for this post ("Stop making crap threads" - Swebonny))

(User was banned for this post ("Stop making crap threads" - Swebonny))

You were giving out keys yesterday :wink:

Did you even bother read the stickies yourself before you made this “cool and edgy” post? You cannot get GM right now, and keys have pretty much stopped been given out even in the GM forums.

I did, a 5 min look at it, saw nothing against this. Rust subforum is the Wild West. I feel sad about it.

And you solve the problem by calling people “inbreds” and referring to Auschwitz? Interesting.

Says the guy who registered for keys.

are we posting cats?

Says the guy who is registered and dont read the foruns times enough to see that they are not giving out keys on GM forums…