Want a sneakpeak at GmodTower?

Tune in with me as I’m in the closed beta.


Ill be up and running at various times.

Going live again for about 40 minutes. Connect.


looks nice from what i seen

Gmod Tower. That’s the thread title.

looks gay
no offense, but whatever this is:



IT HAS TETRIS I need it now.

Unlock the goddamned chat.


Well that was fun.

sigh kids.

Right because adults are supposed to be talking about children’s games on a forum designed for them.

I’ve been talking with the devs and I still haven’t gottem to beta test. :frown:

Looks sweet

Yeah because obviously a game rated M, 16+, and so on is a childrens game :downs:

I don’t think you’re supposed to leak Beta videos as a closed beta tester.

Have a gaybow. Will make you feel more at home.